Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Blue Oyster Cult, Thessaloniki 13 December 2009

Formed in 1967 this band, the Blue Oyster Cult is still going strong today and as part of there European tour they are appearing at the principal club in Thessaloniki on 13 December 2009. The band is a hard rock, psychedelic rock and heavy metal one. Earlier they were known as the soft white underbelly and were acclaimed to be the Black Sabbath of th e USA. Worldwide they have sold over 14 million re cords, half of these in the US alone.
Their current lineup consists of:

Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma performing in 2008

Frederico Aubele in Thessaloniki on 11 December 2009

Frederico Aubele is appearing for one night only at the Principal Club just outside Thessaloniki on 11 December as part of a European tour. On Saturday evening 12th December he is also in Athens - again for one night only.

Born in Buenos Aires, he started studying music at the age of twelve. His debut album Gran Hotel Buenos Aires was the result of him being signed up by Thievery Corporation's Eighteenth Street Lounge Music. he has continued in Europe and now lives in Barcelona having spent some time previously in Berlin. His music is described as Latin, tango, lounge - a mix of the Americas.

You can find many of his tracks on youtube including some of the more famous such as Esta Noche and Postales.