Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Harsh news - even for EU citizens moving to Greece

If you are an EU citizen, you might think that you have a legitimate expectation to have national medical coverage in Greece. This is only true in part. But the rules do differ from most other EU counties and to a surprising degree. This is particularly the case if you become unemployed in Greece and here the social network falls down - incredibly so in my view.

The rules that apply to Greek citizens will also apply to any EU national who has become unemployed will working in Greece - and the news is not good. Firstly, you qualify for unemployment benefit you have to prove a minimum period of employment of 18 months. This gives you cover with the national insurance systems called IKA. However, unemployment benefit is payable only for 12 months. And if that is not bad enough, when your entitlement to unemployment benefit expires, you cease to be covered for medical insurance. Tough but true.

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  1. well be grateful that you're not brazilian then. there, if you do apply for unemployment benefits they'll make u stand in line for at least 4 hours so they can tell u that u need extra documentation to get it, then u need to go back another day and stand in line for yet another 4 hours to apply... then they'll take a month to process it so u can have the benefit for 3 months.

    sucks to be brazilian.