Monday, 6 July 2009

Continuing on the topic of illegal immigration to Greece

Recent polls show that 90% of Greeks believe that we have enough migrants in the country and that the flow should be stopped. Yet, as I mentioned yesterday, the fact alone of Greece's vulnerable geographical location would make it extremely difficult to stop all illegal immigration.

Recently New Democracy proposed several measures to tackle illegal immigration, one of which is to create detention centers at former army camps. Just over a third of those questioned disagreed with this but over half thought that it was a good idea. Just over half of respondents also believe that immigration harms the economy, as opposed to 32 percent, who believe that immigrants are a boon to economic growth.

A more interesting statistic is the following, however, 75% of Greeks believe that there is a clear relationship between immigration and the rise in crime in the country and even more importantly half the country believes that immigrants are employed in positions in which Greeks would not be interested. In conclusion about two-tirds of Greeks belive that immmigration is “probably” doing harm to Greece.

Now how does that tie in with the EU policy fo free movement of citizens throughout the European Union or are these not considered immigrants?

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