Thursday, 2 July 2009

Greece busy turning a new (smoking) page

Well, that's the way Greek health minister, Avramopoulos, dexcribed the situation yesterday. He has warned that the government is going to be serious about enforcement of the new anti-smoking laws. In terms of our health we all know it is a good idea and as the following graph shows Greece is very much top of the charts in the percentage of the population over 15 years of age who smoke. Yesterday, the first day of the smoking ban, there was the usual chaos. The ministry helpline had a total of 10,086 calls, mainly from owners of tavernas and bars asking for information. Apparently if you premises are over 70 square meters you are obliged to declare the establishment either smoking or non-smoking. Unfortunately the appropriate stickers for the windows seem to be missing! I am sure it will sort itself out in typical Greek fashion - over a cigarette.

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