Friday, 10 July 2009

Tweeters of the world unite - help me save Freddy

This is Freddy - or at least a look alike. Freddy was born in the pot holding my Russian vine on the terrace about 4 weeks ago. Yesterday he jumped out and refuses to get back in to this ready built nest as his mother had assumed.
Now the mother has disappeared and when I went last night to put him back in the pot, he took a long look at me as if to say, No more step and I'll jump as he was then pearched on the edge of the terrace and I live on the 5th floor. As I don't believe he can fly, I did not tempt fate. Please ideas welcome. What can I do to save Freddy?


  1. Firstly, it's unlikely the mother has disappeared. However your prescence (or perceived prescence) may well mean she is unwilling to risk coming back to Freddy now he is more exposed and so she is probably jumping around with frustration on a nearby roof.

    Given how old he is, it may be she will not return to him and his fate is in his own hands. However first thing you should do is stay away, do not go out to the area Freddy is in at all. If it's near a window perhaps half draw the curtains/blinds so his mother feels very secure. She may then come back and deal with him.

    Secondly, you must let things run it's course unless you plan to adopt Freddy as a house pet. Any attempts to assist him may make him dependent on you and harm his independence. He may die. He may fall. He may suffer. But he might not and if you interfere you might stop him from developing into a successful adult. If you were in the countryside and had access to an aviary I'd be more positive about proactive measures to help him. But based on that picture I doubt that's your situation and thus best advice is stay away.

    Fingers crossed for Freddy

  2. Gooooooooooooooooooood

    Thank you

    The subject of more than wonderful