Sunday, 13 September 2009

Election in Greece - the fight is on!

If someone were to asked me today, based on the statements of the ruling party led by PM, Kostas Karamanlis, and by G. Papandreaou, opposition leader of PASOK, who is going to wine the elections on 4th October, I think my answer would be, I do not know. The Greek media treat the campaign now as a politcal Olympic 100 meters race, happy that they can now fill endless hours of television time with the senseless rantings and speculations of six people talking at the same time. 
Opposition leader, Papandreou, outlined PASOK's strategy today and yesterday at the end of the Thessaloniki Trade Fair. I am surprised that he has made the mistake of foregoing the support of previous PASOK Prime Minister, Kostas Simitis, who has announced that he will not stand in the upcoming elections - a clear expression of the divide within the party. It is a mistake Papandreou may well  regret not reaching a compromise with Simitis.
PASOK's election manifesto held few surprises and in some senses is an imitation of the Obama campaign in view of what PASOK would do in the first 100 days if the party wins the elections.
However, there is one fact no one can hide - not even Papandreou. The citizens will have to undergo hard times in terms of taxation and other measures if Greece is to get out of the financial and economic mess it now finds itself.

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