Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Greece - now recrutiing - scapegoats wanted!

How dare Giorgos Papandreaou tell the press that the country is no longer being governed. I have been doing very well - inspite of those awful forest fires, the odd political scandal and the usual spate of general corruption in the administration. What's so strange about that. Anyway we found a scapegoat for the forest fires, the second in command did not act fast enough - he delayed for two minutes so we'll let him take the blame for  not getting the helicopters off the ground fast enough. Then we found this farmer in Grammatiko who had been protesting earlier about the local landfill - I don't care if he was in Bulgaria that week-end, arrest him for starting the fires. Another problem solved.
Swine flu - no sweat here (excuse the pun) we'll arange that the Italians flew it in to distract from Berlusconi's digressions. The scandals - Siemens? - know nothing about it. I pay my telephone bills, even when I am being bugged. This is all getting too much for me. Let's have an election. Maybe not just yet. Or should I? I used to be so indecisive - now I just don't know.

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