Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Detaining immigrants - Greece forced to get its act together - about time!

I reported on Sunday that Greece had been strongly criticsed by the relevant United Nations agency (UNCHR) for the conditions under which illegal immigrants were being housed on the island of Lesbos. Today the government has reported that most of the immigrants are seing sent by ferry yo Athens and to better housing conditions. As I mentioned 100 women adn 50 children were being housed in one room.
Perhaps the vision of oncoming elections and Greek protesters on the roof of the detention centre on Lesbos have moved the government to try and save face in the unacceptable way that illegal immigrants are detained throughout the country. It is just sad that it is the prospect  early elections in October which is moving New Demcoracy to clean up its act.
  Last month many of the underage detainees , i.e. children on their own without parents, staged a hunger strike to protest against the disgusting conditons. Sadly Greece has to let it come to this before taking action. Elections roll on!

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