Monday, 31 August 2009

Human trafficking in Greece - big money.

The whole problem of human trafficking in Greece is a difficult one. Just yesterday I reported on the criticism of the UNCHR about the conditions in which illegal immgrants were being housed on the island of Lesbos. But Greece is in no easy position when you discover that it is often immigrants themselves who are organising the human trafficking. Over the weekend two groups were arrested in Athens, three Iranians who were extorting over Euro 10 000 from 19 immigrants for the promise of getting them illegal papers to enter Germany. In another instance two Pakastanis were arrested for holding illegal immigrants against their will and demanding a total of 19 000 Euro from each.
In my opinion all that the Greek authorities can do is come down very hard upon such traffickers be they Greek or foreign. I would advocate immediate extradition to their native countries with no hope of ever applying for legal entry to this country. Only such draconian means are going to put these people off the idea of making money from their fellow countrymen's misfortune.

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