Saturday, 23 May 2009

And now it's back to you and your reasons for relocating to Greece

But back to the topic which is you and your intention to relocate to Greece. This can of course have many different reasons and those reasons will also greatly influence how you experience this country.

First scenario. It is for work reasons - the company you worked for has decided to transfer you to Greece. If that is the case then the chances are you are moving to either Athens or Thessaloniki. The major advantage in this scenario is that you are moving to somewhere with a good existing infrastructure in terms of English, German, French speaking schools for the children. Secondly you are probably on a salary which is far above the average Greek wage (Euro 680 - 700). And in all likelihood your company will be there to help you with settling in, finding accommodation, etc. etc. That is really a best case scenario.

Second scenario, you are fed up with the rat race somewhere else and have decided to move here and look for work. This is where things get very difficult. Before deciding definitely on this, a word of warning or a few questions you should ask yourself.
(1) Do I speak Greek?
(2) Have I checked on immigration status if I am not an EU citizen?
(3) Can I cope with the very different salary (lower) I will be earning in Greece?

Employment prospects in Greece are currently dismal - even for a Greek. So be warned.

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