Saturday, 30 May 2009

So you may say - forget the city I'm heading for the Greek islands

Fine and probably a quieter and richer way of life - though this is especially enticing if you are not looking for permanent employment or do not insist on islands such as Mykonos or Corfu where house prices and rentals are extremely high - if not to say unaffordable. Smaller islands are cheaper but there are a number of trade-offs. The winter can be isolated and the summer may see your island home overrun with tourists. I am not saying you are looking for the life of a hermit but form my own experience certain islands do have a noisy reputation in the summer months, often on account of the low prices of airliens such as easyjet coupled with the cheap alcohol prices in Greece. Although it is not my mission in this blog to sell you any island, my personal choice would be the island of Syros in the Cyclades. You will find it on the map below just to the left (west) of Mykonos.

Why Syros would be my personal choice? The main reason is that Syros is the municipal capital of the Southern Agean and as such this gives it a number of advantages. The capital, for example, Ermoupoli has a university. The island is not overrun with tourists in the summer and it is not deserted in the winter as its economy is not entirely dependent on tourism. Added to this the connections by boat to Athens are good and short and there is also a daily air connection to Athens airport. To me that is an ideal mix. The capital itself is full of old world charm and the atmosphere is relaxed and the people friendly. There are also good daily connection to nearby Paxos and Mykonos which you can see on the horizon from the port of Ermouploi. The following link is for those interested in finding out more about holidays and living on Syros.

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