Monday, 25 May 2009

Greece - A reliable cost of living survey

Mercer, a major international consulting company, publishes annually a cost of living survey for the top 50 cities in the world. The survey shows the cost of living in Greece for 2008. It is shown that Athens occupies 25th position along with Amsterdam and Sao Paulo with an index of 97.0 (where 100 is the cost of living for New York). But even more interesting is the comparison with the previous year (2007) where Athens had an index of 90.76 and was rated 29th on the Mercer survey.

It is interesting to note that the Mercer survey on the cost of living rates Athens higher than Barcelona, Berlin, Stockholm and even Luxembourg.For more detailed information on living costs in Greece visit the website of a US citizen who moved to Greece. It contains an amazing amount of useful information on Greece. Now many of you may start getting the impression that I am out to stop people from considering relocating to Greece. That is not the case since I am a foreigner who has lived here for many years. I just wish to do what I said in my first posting on this blog, to dispel false expectations. Know the facts and then make the decision.

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