Tuesday, 26 May 2009

On a funnier note - the art of translation

I just clicked on one of those google ads offering property on the island of Thassos - just off the coast of the northern city of Kavalla.. I must admit it is a beautiful and quiet place to relax.
However, when I came across the English version of the website I visited looking for property, thsi is what I found:
"Our restaurant

Our restaurant is one of the best of the village, with a great tradition in fresh fishes and in tasty Greek meals.
For the preparation of the meals we use only pure and fresh ingredients.
The olive-oil from our olive-lands is their basic ingredient while from this year on, our great garden gives us abundant vegetables und salads.
We prepare and offer traditional Greek meals such as giouvetsi, mousaka, kokkinisto and every kind of roast meals.
About fishes, you can eat, besides the traditional fishes such as sardines, mackerels, octopuses, also lobsters, gurnards, carps, gold-fishes and every kind of fishes living in our waters.
Our tsipouro is the best, it is our production, and its taste will remain unforgettable to you.

All these are found by the sea with a view at the Athos Mountain and at the sea.

We are waiting for you."

And with a translation like that, I am afraid you will be waiting quite a while - at least for me.

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