Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Funny but true.

The Italian national lottery jackpot has not been won since January 2009 and now stands at a record $ 166 million dollars. The mayor if a small town in Sicily had the magnificent idea of deductng money from municipal workers pay to buy as many tickets as possible for the draw on 4 August. He promised if they won half the money would go towards financing town projects and the rest of the money would be divided equally between the 2000 residents of the town. Chances of winning the jackpot were calculated at 662 million to 1 by mathematicians. Sadly the town's numbers did not come up - indeed no one won the jackpot and it has rolled over again.
The reaction of the mayor - and he could be Greek! - I found magificent. The chances of winning the draw were higher than those of receiving funds pledged by the State.

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  1. Geez that's a lot of money!