Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Greece - warning: jobs don't exist

While for the most part Greece seems to be into quite a lot of back-slapping in that the economic crisis which has hit the rest of Europe so severely does not seem to have had such a devastating effect on the Greek economy. Perhaps the worst is still to come. I take the example of a friend, she is in her early 40's and has been looking for a job for the past 12 months. Of Greek nationality she speaks English and German perfectly as she was brought up in Germany. Her current job chances in Greece - zero. Why? Basically too old and experienced to fill jobs that can be filled by 20 year olds on a much smaller salary.
Her alternatives? The most feasible alternative in Greece is to work for yourself and not for other people. Working as an employee the going monthly salary here is currently well below Euro 1000. So set up your own business. Although this is a nightmare for Greeks let alone foreigners it is still possible and take some time and running around to fill in the necessary myriad forms and get the licences - but it is still possible.
Next question is what sort of business? Good question. In my view the service industries will never disappear, the hair stylists and manicure shops will always exist. So wll the drycleaners. Forget coffee shops or restaurants as the competition at least in the towns and cities in very very stiff and many of these small places are going to the wall.

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