Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Where now Greece?

The political Greek air is full of predictions as the summer ends. New Democracy is not in a strong position with a one seat majority in parliament ahead of PASOK and a row of scandals - the latest being that high ranking officials took bribes form Siemens in return for awarding contracts to the company. Now the recent fires of last week-end would also seem t show that nothing was learned from the dreadul fires of 2007 when 70 people died.
Every year the government uses the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair to outline its policies for the coming year. This takes place at the beginning of September and here there are questions if after this New Democracy will call for snap elections, will reshuffle to give a cosmetic improvement to its track record or wait until next March for new elections.
The country is also feeling the brunt of the economic crisis, tourism has done badly in 2009 with revenue down by some 17% over 2008. All these facts seem to create feeling that it is timte for a political change in the country.

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