Thursday, 27 August 2009

Turning up the political heat in Greece

More and more questions are arising as to how long the country is going to continue without elections in the wake of the disastrous fires around Athens last week-end. Why,  for example, does Greece spend Euro 5 million/year of tax payers money renting water-dumping helicopters from a company in the US and a company in Russia when it has the largest fleet of water-dumping aircraft in Europe? Equally, why were the Greek Air Force helicopters not in a position to help in such a serious situation. Kostas Karamanlis now seems to be keeping his head low but rumours are the heads of a number of ministers may roll - including the interior minister and the New Democracy spokesman for his handling on the media last week-end.
Earlier in the week it looked as if Karamanlis was digging in his heels and would make no announcement of a cabinet reshuffle before his speech at the opening of the Thesslaloniki Trade Fair at the beginning of September. Now, though, it seems that the political damage of the handling of the fires  - amidst growing rumours that it was all well organised by greedy property developers in need of land to expand upon. - may force the Prime Minister to be seen to take some constructive action as soon as possible to minimize the damage to the party  - otherwise it could be his head on the block.

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