Thursday, 6 August 2009

Greeks migrant problems continue

As mentioned in many earlier posts, the situation of migrants in Greece continues to make news. Some 550 illegal immigrants on the island of Samos have now gone on hunger strike as the Greek authorities step up their policy of moving illegal immigrants to detention centres in North Greece.
It has also been announced that one in three requests for legal residency in Greece are turned out. And turned down for a very ridiculous reason. According to the law in Greece, if the family of a migrant are allowed to stay Greece, the family head must earn an income which is 20% above that of an unskilled laborer, which amounts to 10,200 euros per year before taxes. If he fails to meet this, his family members are regarded as illegal.
All that the Ministry of the Interior were able to comment dryly was that the illegal immigrants were free to appeal their cases. No comment considering the current Greek economic situation and the level of wages in the country.

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