Saturday, 29 August 2009

Greek political tensions - a rock and a hard place

Prime Minister Karamanlis has no easy task at present. Apparently the opinion polls show that should he call an early election it woud be the death of New Democracy. PASOKhas threatened to force an election in march by opposing the re-election of the Greek President. Now the ruling party could be facing a split. High levels ministers are giving contradictory advise oon whether to go for elections now or wait.
Obviously the handling of the outbreak of forest fires around Athens last week-end has not helped New Democracy's chances. There are many questions arising on how the fires managed to spread to the outskirts of Athens so quickly and today it is being reported that incendiary devices have been found in the forest near Grammatiko north of Athens where th fires started. Talks of a cabinet reshuffle still remain rumour as Karamanlis may try and sit it out until the annual PM's speech at the opening of the Thessaloniki trade fair when the ruling party outlines the government strategy for the coming year. But the dire economic situation of Greece may dictate action in the end. We will see what happens in the ocming two weeks.

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