Saturday, 22 August 2009

Loans - nope just take the money!

Quite an expensive week for Greek banks and municipal authorities. Times are hard with the economic crisis and all that so why not just take the money where you find it. Loans are such a pain - first of all all that paper work and then having to pay it back again. So troublesome. Banks, for example, are a good bet as they seem to have a lot of money. This week I counted in the press no less than 5 bank robberies in Greece. Just walk in with a mask and a gun and ask them to hand over the loot. Seems to work a treat and not a bad wage if you can net Euro 100k a day.
OK, if you are not into banks then you can also try local petrol service stations. Firstly they take quite a lot of money so go in the evening. Secondly, they also have the added advantage that security is not what it is in the banks so choose one in an isolated area. Must be worth a few thousand.
Last and not least - and this really takes the biscuit! - try your local town hall. They are never short of a bob or two when you consider the amount of taxes we pay. Just yesterday robbers broke into the municipal buildings in Pygetos near larissa in Central Greece. They couldn't open the half ton safe containing Euro 85 000 so they took it with them. Transport wasn't a problem. They just borrowed one of the municipal trucks standing behind the building.

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