Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Greek politics - unreal!

Sad but true the cartoon of the day in the English version of one of the main Greek newspapers. It really does say it all.
Here we have the opposition leader on the television laynching his waves of criticisn on the ruling New Democracy Party. What the cartoon actually refers to the wave of political scandals over recent months.
The most recent which has incensed the population and has done and continues to do untold harm to the image of the ruling New Democracy is the scandal involving the computer commpany Siemens, a German multinational. Reports had leaked that top government officials had received millions of Euros in back-handers in order to ensure that Siemens won the public contracts for public works. The previous director of Siemens, Greece and a few others have absconded to Germany and Greece has tried to issue an extradition order to get them back in front of Greek courts. Strangely this is not going too well - particularly when the said individuals have stated that if they will be extradited they will tell everything. Now that's a difficult one, isn't it!

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