Sunday, 30 August 2009

Greece again criticised for the treatment of illegal immigrants

Sorry to harp on but Greece is part of Europe and is signatory to all UN treaties and is such is a member of UNHCR - the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. As I mentionedt in earlier posts, Greece has a difficult geographical situation when it comes to stopping illegal immigration on account of the long sea border which skirts the Turkish coast. The  island of Lesbos, also close to the coast, receives many hundreds of illegal immigrants from mainly the Middle East each year.
Now after an inspection of the reception centre for illegal immigrants pn the island, a UNHCR spokesman, Andrej Mahecic , has strongly condemned the conditions under which these immigrants are being held, calling them "unacceptable".
The UNHCR spokesman points out that up to 100 woman and 50 babies are being housed in one room in the Centre and many of them have become ill on account of the cramped conditions.
Is Greece and its politicans too busy worrying about winning the next elections than to care about being constantly in international headlines on account of not being able to provide even the most modest of living conditions for those who come here with nothing?

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