Sunday, 2 August 2009

The health and insurance system - Greek disaster

Sorry to be so frank but it is the truth. I pointed out in a previous post that without private health insurance I would advice no one to come and settle in Greece. My postings on my own illness in the past weeks I think speak for themselves.
The government is very aware of the problems it is confronted with in the economy in general and in health and social services in particular. IKA is the official medical insurance for the employed individual. However, it is bankrupt. Bad internal management, bad financial management, years of medical centers and hospitals which are more mindful of 100 years ago. Where does one begin?
And worse, ths month, IKA, which is also responsible for paying the pensions of the retired employees, had for the first time in July 2009 to borrow money to pay the pensions. Unbelievable? Yet the government is more concerned with fighting over the forthcoming elections than taking any measures - popular or unpopular - to try and improve a system which smacks of a communist East European era.
. And still worse, the insurance system is owed million by big business which simply have not paid. But alas, these are the friends of politicans in power and the latter will not rock the boat over a few million when their parliamentary seats are at stake.

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